Perfect slices on weight or on thickness

Our latest solutions offer extreme precision in reaching the predetermined goal.
Take the chance to learn how our portion-cutting systems reduce your waste and optimize quality and yield of the single slice.

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No waste, high yield portion slices:


High Yield portion slicing

OSL and PCS allows division of the product in different sections, delivering perfect slices either on weight or on thickness, even when the product shape is irregular.

Waste Optimization

Once the incoming product is analyzed, the slicing process is automatically
adapted in order to minimize waste.

Smart software available on request for PCS

PCS, thanks to the optional smart software, can calculate the weight of the final slice and automatically redistributing the exceeding weight onto the other slices according to the recipe settings.

Extreme precision in delivering the target result

OSL and PCS check and analyze all the product dimensions, adjusting the slicing process to deliver the desired target.
Get single slices or meat packs: thanks to the advanced recipe settings the final result is optimized in a very flexible way.

Ideal for a variety of proteins

OSL and PCS are studied to perfectly slice fresh, positive temperature proteins like beef, chicken, turkeys and pork.
OSL also allows to get perfect portions of Seafood products, such as salmons and cod fish.

Perfect for in-line solution

Set in-line with other our solutions, these vertical slicers allows for high yield slicing of on-weight/thickness portions, ready to be positioned into trays. 

What will we do

The newborn PCS

First of all, we want to introduce you PCS, our latest smart solution in slicing proteins, using the volumetric cutting technology.

See the slicers in action

We have the pleasure to talk about our OSL (set in line with KSL CBU), and explain the differences between the two machines.

What about the result?

We will show you how to get perfect portions on weight and on thickness, using different slicing technologies.

Our Speakers

Harry Verdonk, Andrea Camorani and Giuseppe Melioli, our experts in slicing and skinning solutions, will explain how to reach the target desired with no waste and high-yields.

Australia and New Zealand

2023, November 14

2023, November 15

2023, November 16



America and South America

We will be waiting for you!