OSL + KSL DV: Strips and Slices on weight completely in-line

Take the chance to learn how to get perfect strips, pieces or slices on weight. The webinar will start soon.

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The only limit is your imagination!

What will we do

How does the line work?

  • OSL vertical slicer allows a division of the product in different sections, delivering perfect portions on weight or on thickness according to the recipe.
  • With KSL DV horizontal slicer you can decide the thickness you want to slice the product and fine tune it by adjusting parameters on the screen. 
    • Define the target thickness in millimeters or percentage 
    • Decide to slice either in equal or different thickness slices



Our webinar Step by step

Chicken Breast to process

We will slice 270 gr chicken breast using two different Grasselli machines in line


Portion Cutter OSL

We will process this chicken breast using OSL, getting 210gr head piece and 30 gr per strips


    Horizontal Slicer KSL DV

    And finally, we will use KSL DV to slice the head piece of chicken breast obtaining 3 equal thick slices of 70gr from the 210 gr head piece

    Our Speakers

    Our experts will explain how KSL DV and OSL work together. 

    Harry Verdonk

    International Sales Director

    Giuseppe Melioli

    Technical Support Engineer

    2023, February 21

    2023, February 22

    2023, February 23